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ANMSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd, a premier technology solutions provider, has integrated Accutive Security’s Data Discovery and Masking (ADM) into its operations. ADM empowers ANMSoft’s QA and test teams to efficiently manage, build, and refresh Oracle and MySQL databases. The solution’s robust capabilities accelerate data provisioning, optimizing operational efficiency and  upholding data privacy with advanced data masking.

ANMSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd, a premier technology solutions provider for various sectors, including eTravel and hospitality, e-commerce, BFSI, and eRetail, adopted ADM as its principal self-service DataOps platform. ADM enhances ANMSoft’s QA and test teams’ capabilities for managing, building, and refreshing their Oracle and MySQL databases. Now actively employed by numerous ANMSoft end users, ADM enables efficient management of more than 100 MySQL databases and multiple Oracle databases.

The solution’s robust capabilities dramatically accelerate ANMSoft’s daily and weekly data provisioning, enabling teams to address diverse structures and technologies while upholding data privacy with advanced data masking.

Adel Haj, Accutive Security’s managing partner, emphasized ADM’s critical role in ANMSoft’s operations: “ANMSoft is now capable of reducing its provisioning and refresh cycles dramatically–from an average of three days to just an hour. This empowers QA team members to activate data provisioning independently, only copying necessary data. The result is a swift, simple process liberating 30% of the ANMSoft DBA team’s valuable time.”

ADM has transformed ANMSoft by enabling test and QA teams with fully protected, masked production data, securing sensitive information, ensuring compliance, and accelerating results. The solution’s self-service component has also minimized reliance on DBAs, enabling other teams to activate data provisioning autonomously.

Vikash Sinha, executive director of ANMSoft, lauded the value of the partnership: “Implementing ADM has been instrumental in accelerating our digital transformation, optimizing operational efficiency and data privacy, and freeing up resources. It’s a testament to our commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology to drive growth and meet our clients’ unique needs across 20 countries.”

Integrating ADM into ANMSoft’s operations optimized the company’s data management and reinforced its technology-forward approach and commitment to delivering world-class products and services.

About ANMSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

ANMSoft is a leading technology solutions provider offering a broad range of services for eTravel and hospitality, e-commerce, BFSI, and eRetail industries, among others. With over 200 customers across 20 countries, the company is renowned for deploying advanced technologies to deliver innovative solutions.

About Accutive Security

Accutive Security is a global leader in providing comprehensive security solutions. Its flagship product, ADM (Accutive Data Discovery and Masking), is a state-of-the-art DataOps platform widely adopted by companies around the world.

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