Thales Health Checks + Architecture Assessments

Accutive Security’s certified Thales experts will ensure your organization is maximizing the value of your Thales investment
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Solving your Thales Challenges

Common Obstacles Include


Inefficient Processes

Failing to capitalize on Thales robust data security capabilities


Low Availability

High availability architecture is critical for a secure cryptographic framework, you need redundancies to avoid single points of failure


Improper Configuration

HSMs and/or CipherTrust platforms are configured incorrectly, posing security and operational risks


Clumsy Crypto

The opposite of being crypto agile is the inability to adapt to new cryptographic technologies + algorithms without major disruptions

Transforming from Clumsy Crypto to Crypto Agility in 4 Steps


Discovery + Cryptography Inventory

Identifying, documenting and analyzing the crypto assets, practices + algorithms in your organization


Analyzing the Cryptographic Landscape + Identifying Threats

Establishing processes for continual monitoring of the threat landscape and their potential impact on your organization


Prioritizing your Cryptographic Assets + Systems

Developing a plan for upgrading your cryptographic framework


Quantum-Ready Transformation

Transitioning to quantum-resistant / quantum-ready algorithms + platforms

Architecture + Health Check Assessments for Thales Solutions

CipherTrust Data Security Platform

  • Application Encryption
  • Database Encryption
  • Filesystem Encryption
  • Storage Encryption
  • Tokenization

CipherTrust Manager

Key Management Solution


Hardware Security Modules

Luna + PayShield families


Explore new use cases, test updates, and enhancements in Accutive Security’s Innovation Lab


Why Thales?

We partner with Thales, a global cybersecurity leader because of their robust solutions to provide unparalleled protection for your data.

Key Advantages


Customized Solutions

We will tailor your Thales solutions to meet your needs.


Physical Bulwark

Thales’ best-in-class HSMs offer a robust physical layer of protection to bolster your cybersecurity stance.


Strong Ecosystem

Thales’ platforms seamlessly integrate with leading cybersecurity + DevOps solutions.


Crypto Agile + Quantum Ready

At Accutive Security, our focus on post-quantum cryptography (PQC) extends to our partnerships with leaders in Quantum Readiness such as Thales.

What are the benefits of a Thales Assessment + Health Check?


Understand your Cybersecurity stance

Actionable insights and independent feedback for elevated decision making + threat avoidance.


Bolstered Resilience + Compliance

Ensure your organization is protected and aligned with leading compliance and cybersecurity standards.


DevSecOps Best Practices

Evaluating your current DevSecOps practices, or even advising you on establishing an effective DevSecOps practice at your organization.


Proactive risk and Vulnerability Identification

Identify any shortcomings or risks in your Thales platforms and remedy them to avoid security incidents.


Cost savings

Identifying opportunities to enhance processes, remove unnecessary complexities, and improve your efficiency.


Actionable recommendations + Best practices

Our comprehensive reports provide you with a health score + clear recommendations to boost your platform.

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