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Accutive Data Discovery and Masking (ADM): Your PostgreSQL Data Masking Solution

ADM is a leading data discovery and static data masking solution with best-in-class tools specifically designed for PostgreSQL databases. It offers superior security, scalability, compatibility and advanced masking capabilities compared to PostgreSQL Anonymizer.

Effortless Data Masking for Everyone

Why Choose ADM for Your PostgreSQL Data Discovery, Subsetting + Masking Needs?

Static Data Masking for Maximum Security

Superior Protection for More Use Cases with Static Data Masking for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Anonymizer is a dynamic data masking solution, which leaves a link to the original data, potentially compromising security. ADM’s static data masking offers superior protection for your sensitive information.
Unmatched Versatility and

Unmatched Versatility and Scalability with Enterprise-Wide Referential Integrity

ADM seamlessly integrates with PostgreSQL and works across all your databases. Experience unmatched scalability while maintaining referential integrity across your entire data ecosystem. This ensures:
  • Data Consistency: Masking updates in your PostgreSQL database automatically reflect in connected databases,preventing inconsistencies and errors.
  • No Orphaned Records: ADM eliminates the risk of "orphaned records" – data points in one database referencing non-existent data in another.
Affordable Solution

Cost-Effective Solution with Enterprise-Grade Features

ADM is one of the highest rated and most affordable data discovery and masking solutions on the market. Additionally, ADM works across all your databases – not just MySQL.
Effortless Data Masking for Everyone

Effortless Data Masking for Everyone

With ADM, you can discover and mask sensitive data across your PostgreSQL databases in minutes. The user-friendly interface makes ADM accessible to both technical and non-technical users.

Accutive Data Discovery + Data Masking vs. PostgreSQL Anonymizer

  • Limited Masking Functionality
  • Restricted File Type Support
  • Limited Scalability and Manageability, only works with PostgreSQL

The ADM Solution for Secure and Efficient PostgreSQL Data Masking

  • Static Data Masking for Maximum Security
  • Discovers & Masks All Major File Types (XML, Flat Files, JSON, etc.)
  • Enterprise-Wide Referential Integrity for Consistent Data
  • Scalable Architecture for Large and Complex Environments
  • User-Friendly Interface with Advanced Configuration Options

Why Accutive Data Discovery and Data Masking (ADM) is Perfect for PostgreSQL


Comprehensive SQL Server Data Discovery

Uncover hidden sensitive data across your entire data landscape, including databases, file systems, and applications – regardless of file type. ADM ensures no sensitive data in your PostgreSQL environment gets overlooked.
Advanced data masking

Advanced Data Masking Techniques

Protect your PostgreSQL data with cutting-edge masking techniques,including:
  • Referential integrity within and across databases
  • Synthetic data generation for realistic test data
  • Smart address generation and more
Seamless ci cd

Seamless CI/CD Pipeline Integration

ADM’s API-driven architecture integrates effortlessly with your existing IT infrastructure. Empower your DevOps teams and make ADM an integral part of your development and testing processes.
Irreversible, Secure Static Data Masking

Irreversible, Secure Static Data Masking

Unlike dynamic data masking, ADM’s static data masking is untraceable and irreversible, providing you with secure,usable data for testing, analytics, QA, and sharing.

Discover Why ADM is a Top-Rated PostgreSQL Data Discovery + Masking Platform

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