Accutive Data Discovery and Data Masking (ADM): Your Microsoft SQL Server Data Masking Solution

ADM is a leading data discovery and static data masking solution with optimized data masking tools for Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) and Azure SQL.

Data Masking for Microsoft SQL server

Why Choose ADM for your SQL Server Database Discovery, Subsetting + Masking needs?

Static Data Masking for Maximum Security

Static Data Masking for Maximum Security

SQL Server and Azure SQL feature dynamic data masking, which is effective for certain use cases. Importantly, dynamic data masking is less secure than static data masking because a data connection exists between the original sensitive data and the masked data.

Unmatched Versatility and

Unmatched Versatility and Scalability

Accutive Data Discovery and Data Masking seamlessly adapts to both small and large-scale enterprises, ensuring that your business can scale without being hindered by software limitations.
Affordable Solution

Affordable Solution

ADM is one of the highest rated and most affordable data discovery and masking solutions on the market. Also, ADM works across all your databases – not just SQL Server / Azure SQL.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

With ADM, you can discover your target sensitive data across SQL Server databases and mask it in a matter of minutes. ADM is even suitable for non-technical business users.

SQL Server Discovery, Subsetting + Masking Challenges

  • Only offers Dynamic Data Masking
  • Only natively supports limited file types
  • Masking beyond SQL Server / Azure SQL

The ADM Solution for SQL Server Data Discovery + Masking

  • Static Data Masking for use outside secure environments
  • Discovers + masks all major file types including XML, flat files, delimited, Excel, JSON + more
  • Masking across all databases with enterprise-wide referential integrity

Why Accutive Data Discovery and Data Masking (ADM) for Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)


Comprehensive Data Discovery

Discover sensitive data across your entire system – regardless of database and file type with ADM’s powerful data discovery tools.
Advanced data masking

Advanced Data Masking Techniques

Protect your critical data with state-of-the-art masking tools, including:
  • Referential integrity in-database and enterprise-wide
  • Synthetic Data Generation
  • Smart Address Generation + more
Seamless ci cd

Seamless CI/CD Pipeline Integration

ADM’s API-driven architecture means that it is designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing IT infrastructure. ADM empowers your DevOps teams and seamlessly becomes a part of your development and testing processes.
Static Data Masking for Maximum Security

Irreversible, Secure Static Data Masking

Unlike dynamic data masking, ADM’s static data masking is untraceable and irreversible – providing you with secure, usable data for testing, analytics, QA + sharing.

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