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Discover, subset, automate, and mask sensitive data for production, testing, and analytics
ADM Platform
“ADM enabled us to locate and mask our sensitive data while leaving it viable for our development team and non-production environments.”

VP of Information Services
Large Canadian Financial Institution

“They found PII we weren’t aware of in a database no one was using. All our sensitive data is now masked, protected and compliant.”
Head of Information Services
Regional Financial Institution
“We finally got control of our test data – which is making a big difference for our development and QA teams – the speed and data utility are game changers.”
Large Financial Services Organization

Secure Sensitive Data

for test data management, analytics, and data sharing

Speed & Accuracy

Speed and Accuracy

Dynamic mask link technology enables 240,000 masking operations per second with rapid data discovery and obfuscation



Comprehensive data discovery across all databases and formats ensures compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and other privacy regulations

Utility & Innovation

Utility and Innovation

Data masking with realistic information guarantees data utility for testing, training, analytics, and sharing

Comprehensive Data Management

Accutive Security secures vital data while facilitating faster, more accurate application development, testing, and launching


Enable testing and QA teams with fully masked production data that secures sensitive information, ensures compliance, and accelerates results



Analyze databases to find sensitive data anywhere in your network and enable fully compliant testing and analytics



Identify and select data sets from large production databases for rapid, accurate testing and analytics while reducing storage costs and processing time



Automate data discovery, subsetting, and masking processes to preserve security and compliance while empowering technical teams with the right data

Dynamic Data Mask Link Technology

Dynamic Data Mask Link Technology

Mask data from any source regardless of its destination with mask link technology that identifies common fields and applies masking algorithms to them to create realistic and consistent test data. 

Accutive Security supports most common databases and data file formats including CSV, TSV, xSV, and more.

Accutive Security ADM Advantages



Keeps sensitive data functional, secure, and compliant with privacy laws



Discovers, selects, and secures sensitive data across your network and environments with single source access



Saves time and money with rapid, accurate development and testing and reduced rework and risk

Accutive Security ADM Integrations

Easily integrates with information management tools you’re already using, enabling testing within databases, test automation, and CI/CD tools.
Accutive Security’s ADM Integrations

Fast, Secure, Realistic

Accutive Security helped a large, national bank launch a new client application on time and on budget, so they could efficiently handle their full customer load.