Thales Solution Implementation + Journey Planning

Accutive Security’s Thales experts are certified to implement your solution + plan your platform journey

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Expert Implementation and Journey Planning for all your Thales Solutions

CipherTrust Data Security Platform

  • Application Encryption
  • Database Encryption
  • Filesystem Encryption
  • Storage Encryption
  • Tokenization

CipherTrust Manager

Key Management Solution


Hardware Security Modules

Luna + PayShield families


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Accutive Security:
Your Trusted Thales Implementation Partner


Quality First Approach

Our experts approach each project with precision, trust and dependability to ensure that your platforms are implemented on time with zero defects.


Rapid Resolution of Thales Implementation Challenges

Expertise to rapidly troubleshoot, mitigate and resolve any issues that may arise with your platform(s).


Crypto Agile + Quantum Ready

Our experts have deep knowledge of crypto agility and the implications of quantum computing, and will advise you on how to ensure your Thales platforms remain up to date with the latest cryptographic algorithms + technology


Trusted Thales Advisors

Our certified experts bring decades of Thales experience to guide you to extract maximum value from your Thalesplatform(s) + ensure you are always aligned with cryptographic best practices.


Expert Guidance for Smooth Thales Platform Journeys

Our experts will help you avoid common obstacles in Thales platform journeys and customize your roadmap to align with your desired maturity level for your cryptographic platforms.


Thales Platform Knowledge Development

Certified Thales Instructors to educate your team + build knowledge around your Thales practice.

What are the benefits of our Thales Implementations + Journey Planning?


Precision, Adaptability + Trust

Our flexible team of experts delivers on time, zero defect implementations even if you have changing requirements or late change requests. Trust is the foundation of cybersecurity and we work to develop deep, longlasting relationships with our clients based on trust.


Day 1 Expertise + Reduced Training Time

Our certified Thales experts have the proven experience and expertise to implement your platforms on time + train your staff to be experts on Day 1


Increased ROI + Cost Savings

Our dedicated technical Thales experts maximize your return on your investment into your platforms + provide significant implementation cost savings

Why Thales?

We partner with Thales, a global cybersecurity leader because of their robust solutions to provide unparalleled protection for your data.

Key Advantages


Customized Solutions

We will tailor your Thales solutions to meet your needs.


Strong Ecosystem

Thales’ platforms seamlessly integrate with leading cybersecurity + DevOps solutions.


Physical Bulwark

Thales’ best-in-class HSMs offer a robust physical layer of protection to bolster your cybersecurity stance.


Crypto Agile + Quantum Ready

At Accutive Security, our focus on post-quantum cryptography (PQC) extends to our partnerships with leaders in Quantum Readiness such as Thales.

Implementations + Solution Journey Planning You Can Rely On

Get a Customized Roadmap That Meets
Your Unique Needs

Ensure your Thales solutions integrate seamlessly into existing systems, provide maximum value, and minimize disruptions to operations. Key features of our solution journey planning service include:


Comprehensive assessment of business requirements


Customized roadmap for deployment and management of Thales products


Seamless integration of Thales solutions into existing systems


Minimized disruptions to operations


Compliance with international privacy regulations


Maximum value from Thales products

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