Data Protection, Cryptography + IAM Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

Accutive Security has experience implementing a broad range solutions for the telecommunications industry, including Data Discovery and Data Masking, PKI, CLM, HSMs, MFA, SSO, Secrets Management, Key Management, Data Encryption, and CIAM.


Data Masking + Test Data Management for the Telecommunications Industry

Accutive Data Discovery

Accutive Data Discovery + Masking (ADM) for the Telecommunications Industry:

A top rated data discovery + masking solution with automated PCI DSS, PII, GDPR (EU), and PIPEDA (Canada) compliance to protect your customers, subscribers, employees + other stakeholders. ADM is easily configured for compliance with FCC and FTC data regulations, including Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). Likewise, for Canada telecoms, ADM is configurable for CRTC compliance.

Cryptographic Protection for the Telecommunications Industry

Building a secure cryptographic framework to ward off cyber threats, using the cryptographic triad:

secure cryptographic framework

Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Telecommunications Providers

Identity and Access

A robust Identity and Access Management framework prevents unauthorized access to highly sensitive financial, health and personal information. We work with telecoms to build robust compliant IAM frameworks including:

Telecommunications providers

Telecommunications providers have suffered some of the most costly data breaches of any industry

$200 Million

FCC fine levied against four telecommunications providers in 2022 for inadequate CPNI protection

$1 Billion +

Estimated cost of the largest U.S. telecommunications data privacy breach

Challenging realities of the Telecommunications Industry

Telecommunications Providers house large amounts of highly sensitive PII, CPNI and financial data that is an ideal target for cybercriminals
Vast Quantities of

Vast Quantities of Telecommunications Data

Telecommunications providers interact with vast quantities of data that must be protected. Additionally, telecommunications providers are subject to strict regulations about the use and storage of data that passes through your infrastructure. Ransomware attacks, data breaches, and evolving cyber risks threaten your customers / subscribers, and your reputation.
Navigating Regulatory Compliance

Navigating Regulatory

Telecommunications is one of the most heavily regulated industries with significant regulations around the protection of subscriber / customer data. Ensuring compliance while strengthening cybersecurity is a challenge, and non-compliance with telecommunications regulations risks major penalties and reputational damage.
Legacy Systems Vulnerabilities

Legacy Systems Vulnerabilities

Antiquated IT infrastructure can leave you susceptible to cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
High Stakes Data

High Stakes Data

Some of the largest and most expensive data breaches have targeted telecommunications providers. Telecommunications providers collect a large volume of personally identifiable information that is highly sensitive and must be safeguarded at all costs.

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