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ADM is your powerful Test Data Management Platform

Provide your testing and development teams with high-quality data that can be easily integrated, distributed, and provisioned with ADM.
Test Data Management

Your Test Data: Managed.

Test Data Management

What Is Test Data Management?

Test Data Management (TDM) is the process of efficiently and securely creating, managing, and delivering realistic test data to support the rigorous testing of software applications throughout the development lifecycle.

ADM: Your Powerful
Test Data Management Platform

Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Finding suitable data for testing
Data Subsetting

Data Subsetting

Creating right-sized test data sets from your production databases for rapid + effective testing
Data Masking

Data Masking

Protecting your sensitive data while providing realistic, production-like data for testing
Data Automation

Data Automation

Seamless integration into your CI/CD pipeline to empower your DevOps + SecDevOps teams

ADM: Test Data Management Applications

Development + Testing Scenarios

Security + Compliance Scenarios

Accutive Security’s ADM:
An Advanced Data Security Platform

Enable test and QA teams with fully protected, masked production data securing sensitive information, ensuring compliance and accelerating results
Analyze databases to find sensitive data everywhere and anywhere in your network enabling testing and facilitating analytics while ensuring compliance
Identify and select just-right data sets from large production databases for rapid, accurate testing or analytics while reducing storage costs and processing time
Automate data discovery, subset and masking processes empowering technical teams with the right data while preserving security and compliance
Substitute your critical sensitive data with a non-sensitive placeholder for secure usage + sharing

Learn how ADM transformed Test Data Management for a large Health care organization



Test Data Management seamlessly integrated into your DevOps + QA processes

ADM Platform’s powerful automation capabilities ensure that you have reliable, secure production-like data when you need it
ADM Platform: Automated data lifecycle process for reliable, secure production-like data in DevOps + QA.

ADM: Leading Test Data Management Platform

See the transformative impact ADM is having for organizations like yours

The right TDM solution can deliver significant business value for your organization


More than


reduction in test cycle time
Average of
Average of

$4.45M in cost savings

per data breach
average cost of a data breach in 2023 according to IBM Security
Reduced Defect
Up to

75% Reduced Defects

by using realistic masked test data

Test Data Management Advantages

ADM: Affordable Solution with Significant ROI


Of development and testing time can be consumed by data-related activities without efficient test data management practices.


Of organizations report that finding suitable test data is a major challenge in their testing processes.


Cost reduction in the testing process can be achieved by implementing effective test data management strategies.

Database Integrations

Supports the information management tools you’re already using.

Secure + optimize your data with ADM

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