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Innovation Lab

Accutive Security’s Innovation Lab provides you with a secure, fast, and immediately accessible lab environment.

Discover our Labs

Our labs empower your IT professionals to have a hands-on experience with leading cybersecurity solutions to find the right fit for your needs. Accutive Security Innovation Lab extends beyond the initial selection process and helps you train staff before deployment, test out use cases and explore upgrades before committing.

Featured Use Cases

Conduct Proof of Concepting

  • A robust environment to test how various solutions will work, experiment with them, and evaluate their value for your organization firsthand.

Host your lab environments

  • Saving you significant resources vs. creating and hosting your own solutions

Robust + realistic testing capabilities

  • Explore how platforms + tools will integrate with your environments.

Unlock realistic product demos

  • A powerful tool for enhanced buying decisions

Powerful platform for your training + development

  • Customized training and sandbox environments

Preview upgrades + new product versions

How the Innovation Lab can benefit your organization

Time savings of up to

4 – 5 Months

Compared with building and deploying your own internal environment
Reduced disruptions from upgrades for


‘Plug + play environment’ that we build to

Reduce the strain on your internal resources

Featured Solutions

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