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Through our effective cybersecurity products and services, our goal is to keep you, your data, and your reputation safe.

Accutive Security

Our Vision

To be our clients’ preferred cybersecurity partner.
Our clients experience exceptional outcomes on every project. They are our partners and they have come to experience the difference between a typical vendor and an outstanding partner like Accutive Security.

Our Mission

A world where each new day our clients are safer and operationally more efficient than the one before
Our clients reward us with loyal and long-term partnerships because we deliver strategically focused expertise, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled quality work. 

Our History

Accutive Security was founded by FinTech engineers and consultants in 2009 with the goal of improving and innovating Auth + Crypto. Now, years later, we are partnered with the world’s leading Auth + Crypto companies to deliver services and products to mutual customers all over the globe.
Accutive Security is your Center of Excellence, with domain experts delivering
  • Software engineering & professional services
  • Strategic insights
  • Effective training & research
  • Deep experience
  • Necessary solutions & products
In a world that’s dependent on digital interconnectivity, Accutive Security is at the forefront of safeguarding essential data and software systems. Our cutting-edge solutions are trusted by globally recognized organizations, serving as a robust shield for their most sensitive data–wherever it resides. From cloud infrastructures to data centers, Accutive Security ensures information remains uncompromised and securely accessible.

As a leader in Auth + Crypto, we offer comprehensive solutions to protect and manage your data, identities, and intellectual property. Our advanced technologies include encryption, sophisticated key management, tokenization, masking, and robust authentication and access management systems. Whether it’s for securing the cloud, facilitating digital payments, or navigating the complexities of the Internet of Things, security experts worldwide trust Accutive Security to confidently fast-track their digital transformations. We are committed to keeping you secure and providing you with the assurance to realize your organization’s full potential in a digitally connected future.

Authentication Focus Areas


Cryptography Focus Areas


Our Value Proposition For You

Center of Excellence

Clients value our expertise + focus on meeting critical needs while achieving objectives
  • On-Time-Delivery
    On Time Delivery
  • Critical to success
  • Accurate timelines support client organizational priorities
  • On-time delivery impacts value-added support
  • Subject-Matter-Expertise
    Subject Matter Expertise
  • Unique perspective + attention on multiple challenges + opportunities
  • Expert skills + processes include program management, analytics, execution + quality assurance
  • Cost-Efficency
    Cost Efficency
  • Capture + deliver extra value
  • Requires services with meaningful pricing + quality differentiators

Our Team

Greatness comes when your team is aligned toward a common goal: creating positive outcomes despite cyber threats, leaping over challenges, and building a worthwhile future.
But success is about more than just greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success and expertise, and then greatness comes after. However you define excellence, Accutive Security is in your corner. We manage and help with security and operational improvements for Auth + Crypto, so you can reach your full business potential.

Our Clients

After working with clients across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and Asia, Accutive Security has earned a solid reputation for providing timely, high-value, and high-quality products and services. Our clients are our biggest advocates, and we have formed many long-term business and personal relationships.
At Accutive Security, we tailor our approach to deliver practical, cost-effective, robust, and efficient results.

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