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Test Data Management Services

Accutive offers a full suite of test data management (TDM) services in conjunction with our Accutive Data Discovery and Masking platform and other TDM tools.


Common TDM Challenges

Data Complexity:

Like most modern organizations, you likely have complex data structures that make it difficult to accurately replicate and manage test data.

Protecting Sensitive Data:

Further complicating this picture is the need to discover and protect your sensitive data across multiple platforms at a time when data breaches are at all time high.

Regulatory Compliance:

To avoid significant fines or regulatory sanctions your organization needs to remain compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, PIPEDA and beyond.

Resource Constraints:

Requiring a team to actively manage your test data is resource intensive and the required talent may be challenging to find.

The right TDM solution can deliver significant business value for your organization


More than


reduction in test cycle time
Average of

$4.45M in cost savings

per data breach
average cost of a data breach in 2023 according to IBM Security
Up to

75% Reduced Defects

by using realistic masked test data

Test Data Management Services

Sensitive Data

ADM Platform Services

  • Foundational Quick Start:

    Expert setup and configuration services to maximize your solution + hit the ground running.

  • Custom Setup:

    We can build your ADM platform to suit your needs - no matter how complex or exacting. Our experts will seamlessly integrate your ADM solution into your CI/CD pipeline, or even help build your CI/CD processes based on our Best Practices for DevOps


Test Data Management Services

  • TDM Assessments and Consulting:

    Analysis of your current test data management and data protection practices with recommendations and a roadmap to rapidly align with best practices for your industry.

  • Cybersecurity System Integration:

    Robust integrations of your data discovery, masking, tokenization, and/or automation platforms with your cryptographic framework.

  • Managed Services:

    Providing cybersecurity experts to manage your security framework and platforms, including test data management (including ADM and alternative platforms).


Explore our Data Discovery Services

Sensitive Data

Identify your Sensitive Data Across Databases

Data Analytics

Empower Effective Data Analytics

DevOps + SecDevOps

Embed Data Discovery into your DevOps + SecDevOps processes

Expert auditing

Expert auditing and compliance guidance

Accutive Security’s ADM: An Advanced Data Security Platform

Enable test and QA teams with fully protected, masked production data securing sensitive information, ensuring compliance and accelerating results
Analyze databases to find sensitive data everywhere and anywhere in your network enabling testing and facilitating analytics while ensuring compliance
Identify and select just-right data sets from large production databases for rapid, accurate testing or analytics while reducing storage costs and processing time
Automate data discovery, subset and masking processes empowering technical teams with the right data while preserving security and compliance
Substitute your critical sensitive data with a non-sensitive placeholder for secure usage + sharing

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