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Accutive Data Discovery and Masking

Empower development and testing teams with ADM, the Accutive Data Discovery and Masking platform.

Accutive Security’s ADM:
An Advanced Data Security Platform


Enable test and QA teams with fully protected, masked production data securing sensitive information, ensuring compliance and accelerating results


Analyze databases to find sensitive data everywhere and anywhere in your network enabling testing and facilitating analytics while ensuring compliance


Identify and select just-right data sets from large production databases for rapid, accurate testing or analytics while reducing storage costs and processing time


Automate data discovery, subset and masking processes empowering technical teams with the right data while preserving security and compliance

How Does it Work?


Identify Your Needs

Select the regulations relevant to your compliance, privacy, and audit requirements.


Data Discovery

We probe databases, tables, and files to identify data that needs masking based on your specified regulations.


AI-Powered Configuration

Built-in AI offers you optimal masking configurations, or you can customize settings to suit your preferences.


High-Speed Data Masking

We mask your data with unparalleled speed and performance, ensuring both security and usability.

Business Outcomes

Enhance Data Security

Reduce the risk of data breaches and protect sensitive information, ensuring a robust defense against cyber threats.

Comply with Regulations

Meet legal requirements for data privacy and protection, avoiding fines and penalties associated with data mishandling.

Reduce Costs

Decrease the likelihood of costly data breaches and the associated expenses of damage control and legal fees.

Improve Quality Assurance

Enable thorough and secure testing, leading to higher-quality software products and fewer post-release defects or issues.

Maintain Trust

Build customer and stakeholder trust by demonstrating a commitment to data privacy and security, enhancing brand reputation.

Empower DevOps

Accelerate development processes by allowing safe use of real-world data scenarios without compliance roadblocks or privacy concerns.

Masking in Action

ADM identifies and masks sensitive data in all databases, flat files, and structured files.
Sample XML File
XML Before XML- after

Sample Flat Delimited File

Flat Delimited File Before Flat Delimited File - after
Sample Database
Before Database- after

Common Obstacles


Lack of rapid planning and execution


Increased complexity of DataOps and security needs for effective solutions


Potential fines, reputation damage and data loss

Data Preservation

  • Preserve important data characteristics so that your data remains functional but still anonymized.

Example 1: Format-Preserving Masking retains data structures, like American Express card format, for system validation without revealing actual card details.

  • Length: Amex card numbers typically have 15 digits, in contrast to most other credit card numbers, which have 16 digits.
  • Starting Digits: Amex numbers usually start with the digits "34" or "37." These initial numbers are called the Issuer Identification Number (IIN) or Bank Identification Number (BIN) and help identify the issuing institution.

Example 2: Luhn Algorithm Masking creates valid-looking numbers that pass the Luhn check, ensuring realistic, non-active data representation in systems.

Mask Consistently Across Different Data Sources

  • With multiple databases in an enterprise, it’s common to mask data separately in each database, which can lead to inconsistent masking and breaking of referential integrity.
  • ADM empowers you to mask important data consistently and with referential integrity in mind, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Example: An SSN such as 109-98-1767 (not real but adheres to the standard—109 shows it was issued in NY) can be masked as 109-00-5874 consistently across all other databases, files, and more.

Advanced, Customizable Algorithms Provide Unique Benefits

Our team of experts uses advanced groovy scripts to create customizable and granular masking algorithms that optimize security and functionality.

Case 1:

Category-Preserving Masking

ADM allows to you to mask information while maintaining important categories for your data

Example: Mask a user’s age with a fictional number that is still within the same age group as the original. A senior citizen will remain a senior citizen, and a teenager will remain a teenager.

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Case 2:

Compound Masking

Compound masking allows you to mask unique, interconnected fields.

Example: If a first and last name are masked into new values, an original email address derived from the name will automatically be generated with the new values.

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Case 3:

Synchronized Fields

ADM allows you to maintain related fields, so your data remains logical.

Example: When changing a user’s age, their birthday will also automatically adjust, maintaining continuity and logic.

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Additional Features

Main Use Cases

Discover + Report Sensitive Data

Data Migration and Testing + QA

Preserve data consistency between different systems

Securely develop + test with production-like data

Securely share data with external parties

Supports the information management tools you’re already using.

Page Summary

Enhance your data security and compliance strategies with the power of data masking, anonymization, and obfuscation techniques. Dive into the world of dynamic and static data masking to safeguard sensitive information and meet regulatory requirements effectively. Our comprehensive solutions empower you to protect critical data, maintain privacy, and reduce risks.
Discover the top database masking tools that streamline the process, ensuring seamless implementation and management. With these tools, you’ll gain granular control over data access, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view sensitive information. Take proactive steps to secure your data environment and maintain the trust of your customers and stakeholders while meeting stringent compliance standards.