ADM: Powerful Platform for Security + Compliance

Proactively protect yourt organization with ADM’s seamless security + compliance solutions


ADM: Empowering you to stay in compliance

Data compliance
PIPEDA for Canadian
Data compliance
CCPA for California
Data compliance
Secure payments
HIPAA for sensitive
Health information
Automated discovery + masking of PII to
protect your employees, customers + more
+ Unlimited Customizable

ADM: Robust quantum-proof data protection

Discover Sensitive Data

Find + Discover Sensitive Data

Integration with your cybersecurity platforms

Beyond Data Discovery + Masking:

ADM is a powerful data protection platform

Comprehensive Data discovery that finds sensitive data across all your databases – most clients find sensitive data they were unaware of
Static data masking
Static data masking for the most robust protection of your sensitive data
Rapid data tokenization
Rapid data tokenization for PCI compliance + the prevention of financial fraud
Quantum-proof data protection
Quantum-proof data protection for moving data outside of production environments

What are the different roles of data encryption, data masking and data tokenization in a post-quantum world?

Download your whitepaper to learn more about these concepts in the face of emerging quantum threats. Discover data masking’s key advantage!

The right TDM solution can make security + compliance seamless for your DevOps + SecDevOps



New privacy standards updated every day
Average of

$4.45M in cost savings

per data breach
average cost of a data breach in 2023 according to IBM Security
$2-3.3 Trillion

$2-3.3 Trillion

Estimated cost of a single major quantum attack on the U.S. Fedwire Financial System

How Does it Work?

Identify Your Needs


Identify Your Needs

Select the regulations relevant to your compliance, privacy, and audit requirements.
Data Discovery


Data Discovery

We probe databases, tables, and files to identify data that needs masking based on your specified regulations.
AI-Powered Configuration


AI-Powered Configuration

Built-in AI offers you optimal masking configurations, or you can customize settings to suit your preferences.
Data Masking


High-Speed Data Masking

We mask your data with unparalleled speed and performance, ensuring both security and usability.

Database Integrations

Supports the information management tools you’re already using.

ADM: Your Powerful Data Protection Platform

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Balancing Data Accessibility with the need to Protect Sensitive Information is a constant challenge. This is where ADM comes in.

People working on a computer in an isometric illustration of data accessibility.
Streamlined Compliance

Streamlined Compliance Reports with ADM

Generate Comprehensive Reports that assess your organization’s compliance + security postures

Overcome Data Management Challenges: Unlock ADM's Benefits

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk:

Mitigate the risk of data breaches and regulatory non-compliance by effectively protecting sensitive data.
Demystified Compliance

Demystified Compliance:

Simplify compliance efforts by ensuring your data masking practices meet industry standards and regulations.
Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency:

Streamline compliance processes and reporting with automated data discovery and masking capabilities.

Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced Visibility:

Gain complete control and visibility over your data landscape, empowering informed decision-making.
Cost Savings

Cost Savings:

Reduce the cost of managing data security and compliance through automation and centralized control.

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