Data Discovery and Masking for Temenos T24/Transact

Accutive Security is a proud provider of data masking and data discovery solutions for the Temenos T24 application, also known as Transact.

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Unique Challenges

The sheer size of the Temenos Transact application presents unique challenges that make masking and security more complex.

Get the Most Out of Your Data

Our software identifies sensitive data, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and bank account information, and replaces it with fictitious or obfuscated data. This ensures that sensitive information is not exposed to unauthorized individuals or systems.

Prevent exposure of sensitive Temenos data like financial records, customer data, etc.

Access Control

Implement access controls and monitor activity with consistent reports, regardless of size.

Data Exchange

Ensure secure data exchange and integration points between Temenos and various systems.

Data Breaches

Implement strategies against hacking attempts, data breaches, and ransomware attacks.

Data Privacy

Comply with data privacy requirements like GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Data Retention

Manage data retention and disposal to minimize security risks.

With XML data, development and testing teams can’t view data in distinct tables. This causes two major problems:


  • Masking becomes complex and nearly impossible
  • Teams can’t view what kind of data they’re working with, whether it’s names, addresses, emails, etc.


  • We’ve added a feature that enables you to view XML data in distinct tables, making masking secure and efficient.
  • We’ve developed a groovy script that allows users to check what kind of data is included in each individual table, even after the masking process.

Mask Link Advantage

Consistent masking across all tables, systems, databases, and applications—even in the cloud. Mask link technology unifies your Temenos T24/Transact application with other systems by identifying common fields and applying consistent masking algorithms to replace data coming from different sources and going to different destinations with realistic, uniform, and artificial test data.

Rules-Based Masking

Embedded, customizable rules empower masking templates to fit your Temenos T24/Transact data model and apply multiple rules across different rows in the same table.

Data Preservation

Embedded generators preserve original data while masking it with realistic, representative values, ensuring security, compliance, and utility.

Page Summary

Our expertise lies in Temenos T24 Transact data masking, specifically for MS SQL and XML data. With our comprehensive solutions, you can ensure compliance, discover data efficiently, and elevate your security measures. Trust us to safeguard your valuable information effectively.

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