ADM: Your advanced Data Tokenization Solution

ADM is a cutting-edge and easy to use platform for securely tokenizing your data.



Substitute your critical sensitive data with a non-sensitive placeholder for secure usage + sharing.

ADM: The Premier Choice for Your Data Automation Requirements

Rapid + accurate data discovery
Rapid + secure tokenization
Compatible with all major databases,
Compatible with all major databases
Fully customizable masking
Easy to use interface
Automated sensitive data discovery
Out of the box compliance with automation
Affordable solution
Out of the box compliance with automation
Vaulted + Vaultless Tokenization
Vaulted + Vaultless Tokenization

What are the different roles of data encryption, data masking and data tokenization in a post-quantum world?

Download your whitepaper to learn more about these concepts in the face of emerging quantum threats. Discover data masking’s key advantage!

Empowering you to use your data while staying secure + compliant

Key benefits for your organization


Avoid + minimize costly data breaches or exposures by tokenizing your sensitive data


Flexible + scalable to your needs


Stay in compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA + more!


Seamless integration into your CI/CD pipeline


Simplified data management

Average of
$4.45M in cost savings
per data breach average cost of a data breach in 2023 according to IBM Security

Data Tokenization By the Numbers


Of organizations prefer tokenization for PCI compliance


Of companies adopt tokenization for securing PCI and other financial data.


Fewer incidents of fraud
Accutive Security Data Masking” on Gartner Peer Insights: A perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on 3 ratings, along with a “100% Recommend” indication. The date of this rating is as of 3/18/2022.

ADM has been successfully deployed as the preferred test data management solution for our North American clients across various industries including:

finacial service
Financial Services
Post-secondary education
public sector
Public sector
software devlopment
Software Development
project management
Project Management Consulting

Streamlined Integration with Legacy Systems

Accutive Security tokenization is engineered to effortlessly blend with your current IT architecture, ensuring a hassle-free integration process whether your systems are legacy or cutting-edge.
With a robust set of APIs, Accutive Security ensures that integration is not only seamless but also customizable to fit your specific needs. Our APIs allow for straightforward communication between your existing systems and our tokenization service.

ADM is compatible with all major databases and regulatory frameworks

IBM DB2 logo
Mariadb logo
Microsoft SQL SERVER
Oracle logo
PostgreSQL logo
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+ all other major databases
+ customizable to your specific needs

Secure + optimize your data with ADM

Accelerate secure data handling with
our easy 4-step process using ADM.

Identify Your Needs

Identify Your Needs

Select the regulations relevant to your compliance, privacy, and audit requirements.
Data Discovery

Data Discovery

We probe databases, tables, and files to identify data that needs masking based on your specified regulations.
AI-Powered Configuration

AI-Powered Configuration

Built-in AI offers you optimal masking configurations, or you can customize settings to suit your preferences.
Data Masking

High-Speed Data Masking

We mask your data with unparalleled speed and performance, ensuring both security and usability.

Accutive Security’s ADM:
An Advanced Data Security Platform

Enable test and QA teams with fully protected, masked production data securing sensitive information, ensuring compliance and accelerating results
Analyze databases to find sensitive data everywhere and anywhere in your network enabling testing and facilitating analytics while ensuring compliance
Identify and select just-right data sets from large production databases for rapid, accurate testing or analytics while reducing storage costs and processing time
Automate data discovery, subset and masking processes empowering technical teams with the right data while preserving security and compliance
Substitute your critical sensitive data with a non-sensitive placeholder for secure usage + sharing

Flexibility Across Various Platforms

ADM tokenization is designed to be platform-independent.
We understand businesses deal with various data types, and our system is capable of handling diverse data formats, ensuring that your tokenization needs are always met.
Minimal Disruption

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Efficiency

Time is a critical factor in business operations. Our solution is geared for quick deployment, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.
We believe in simplicity and efficiency. Our user interface is intuitive, requiring minimal training for your staff, which translates into faster adoption and reduced onboarding time.

Enhanced Security

Increase data security by replacing sensitive data like credit card numbers, PII, and health records with unique tokens that are of no use to a hacker because they don't contain any sensitive data.


Reduced Impact of Data Breaches

Prevent the compromise of sensitive information by using tokens, which do not carry real, sensitive data. This reduces the risk and potential impact of data breaches


Compliance with Regulations

Comply with regulations like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and General Data Protection Regulation, with tokens that minimize the amount of data in need of protection.

See how ADM Tokenization can secure your sensitive data

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