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The transition from Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) to Thales CipherTrust Data Security Platform (Thales CDSP) presents a sense of urgency for two reasons:

  1. Vormetric will be end of life in about six months, on June 30th, 2024, at which point the platform will no longer be supported.
  2. Thales CDSP is an advanced next-generation platform with significant advantages over the legacy Vormetric system

Thales CDSP was developed by combining the best features of Vormetric and Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure. Both Vormetric and KeySecure are now approaching end of life, and migration is essential to protect your organization. Click here to learn more about KeySecure to Thales CDSP migrations.

Vormetric to CipherTrust Migration: Why Now?

  • End-of-Sale Announcement: The sale of Vormetric was officially discontinued on June 30, 2023. This followed the end of sale for KeySecure in 2020, and confirmed Thales’ plans to consolidate around the more advanced CipherTrust Data Security Platform (CDSP).
  • End-of-Life and End-of-Support: As of June 30th, 2024, Vormetric will reach its End-of-Life, ceasing all support services. This impeanding change should create a sense of urgency for your organization if you are still using Vormetric. The window is closing; fortunately, Accutive Security can still complete your migration in advance of the June 30th, 2024 end of life and minimize your risk.

The Migration Challenge and Accutive Security’s Role

  • Expertise in Cryptography: The migration from Vormetric to Thales CipherTrust is complex, requiring cryptographic engineering expertise for a successful execution. Accutive Security provides such expertise to ensure a smooth, downtime-free migration process, safeguarding data integrity and system functionality.
  • Addressing Complex Use-Cases: Each organization has unique use-cases, host device compatibilities, and regulatory requirements. Accutive Security’s team of specialized Subject Matter Experts navigates these complexities, tailoring solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  • Change Management and Training for Key Management Administrators: The transition to Thales CipherTrust may require Key Management Administrators to acquire new skills. Accutive Security offers comprehensive training and OCM programs to ensure administrators are well-equipped to handle the new system.

Advantages of Thales CipherTrust Data Security Platform vs. Vormetric DSM

As an advanced platform, migrating to CipherTrust Data Security Platform (CDSP) will ensure that your organization has a modern platform that is compliant with the latest security protocols and supported with regular security fixes and updates.

CDSP offers new use cases and offers more robust protection against prominent threat vectors, such as ransomware and zero-day attacks.

Technical Considerations for a Vormetric to CDSP Migration

  • Firmware Upgrades: For a successful migration, Vormetric DSM Servers may need to be upgraded to minimum firmware versions suitable for the transition. Accutive Security assists in evaluating and implementing these upgrades.
  • Quantum-Resistant Solution: CipherTrust Managers are compatible with the latest Quantum Cryptography technologies, especially when integrated with an internal or external Hardware Security Module (HSM). This integration, facilitated by Accutive Security, positions organizations at the forefront of cryptographic security. As experts in the emerging field of quantum-resistant technologies, Accutive Security can advise your organization on best practices, such as multiple layers of protection, to prepare for next-generation cyberthreats.
  • Cloud Migrations to CDSP as a Service (CDSPaaS): CDSPaaS is integrated with many major cloud providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. To avoid downtime and minimize your security risks during the migration, knowledgeable Cloud Engineers should develop and execute a cloud migration roadmap.


As Vormetric’s impending end of life forces migrations to more modern, supported platforms such as Thales CipherTrust Data Security Platform (CDSP), the good news is that CDSP presents significant advantages for your organization when compared with Vormetric and other legacy systems. As a Thales Certified Partner, Accutive Security applies our decades of expertise in cryptography and data security to guide organizations through this transition. Learn more about our Thales Platform Migration services.

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Founded in 2009, Accutive Security is a cryptography center of excellence and Thales Certified Partner with extensive experience across the Thales CipherTrust platform, including the successful completion of numerous Vormetric to CDSP migrations.

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