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Data Discovery Services

Avoid risks and uncover the extent of your sensitive data.

Empower Your Organization with Data Discovery


Manage Data Sprawl

Like most modern organizations, you likely have complex data structures that make it difficult to accurately replicate and manage test data.

Improve Data Accessibility

Prevent data inaccessibility by discovery + unlocking your data from across your organization.

Reduce Data Compliance Risk

Promote seamless compliance with your regulatory data standards with Accutive Security’s data discovery services.

Identify Data Assets

  • Get a comprehensive view of the data landscape by identifying and cataloging data assets across various systems, databases, and repositories.
  • Develop insight into the types of data you possess, its locations, and potential data sources.

Ensure Data Security

  • Assess the sensitivity and criticality of your data for better security and privacy practices.
  • Implement appropriate access controls, encryption, and data protection measures based on data types and classifications.

Enable Data Analytics

  • Uncover hidden data and harness its power for analytics and insights.
  • Identify data sets suitable for analysis, derive meaningful insights, and make data-driven decisions.

Expert Data Discovery, Analysis and Auditing Support

  • Accutive Security’s data security experts can perform data discovery across any databases, files or data warehouses to discover, analysis, and audit your sensitive data.
  • Alternatively, our experts can advise your team on how to leverage the ADM Platform to address your data discovery, analysis, and auditing requirements.

Page Summary

Discover Accutive Security’s expertise in data discovery and data masking services, tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. We specialize in helping businesses navigate the intricate landscape of data discovery for databases while ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance. Our services encompass all aspects of data compliance and security, including top-tier data masking solutions. We prioritize comprehensive data protection and compliance, allowing your organization to operate confidently in today’s data-driven landscape.
With Accutive Security as your partner, you can unlock the potential of your data while mitigating risks and ensuring the highest standards of regulatory compliance. Whether you’re focused on data discovery, data masking, or achieving regulatory compliance, our team is here to provide the expertise and solutions you need to succeed.

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