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In the law enforcement and public safety space, securing access to sensitive information is paramount. In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, your security infrastructure must be robust. Despite the urgent threats facing law enforcement and public safety organizations, many organizations struggle to protect their digital assets. In fact, as cyberthreats grow, surveys have show that many police departments are inadequately prepared for an attack. For instance, a survey by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) found that over 85% of police departments lack sufficient cybersecurity training for their officers, highlighting a serious security deficit. As police and law enforcement agencies continuously implement evolving mobile technologies, sensitive citizen data, criminal history, and motor vehicle information is put more at risk.

Accutive Security + HID: Delivery CJIS-Certified Solutions 

Fortunately, HID Global offers a range of multi-factor authentication solution to protect sensitive information, like FIDO2 and PKI, Crescendo Smart Cards, Crescendo Keys, OTP Tokens, HID Approve, Digital Certificates, IoT Device lifecycle management, and DigitalPersona. These solutions are essential for organizations striving to protect digital assets and meet the stringent standards set by the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS). 

In particular, the DigitalPersona platform provides advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions designed for workforce security, making it ideal for your law enforcement or public safety agency. DigitalPersona allows for passwordless desktop authentication and supports a wide range of authentication methods, including biometrics, mobile devices, smart cards, and security keys, ensuring only authorized personnel can access critical data. 

DigitalPersona is flexibly designed to easily integrate with Windows and Azure Active Directory for user management and policy deployment. It also offers features like a password manager and compliance reporting tools, making it a comprehensive solution for securing access to Windows, networks, and applications, and aligning with CJIS’s mandate for advanced authentication methods. This ensures that your law enforcement agency can protect sensitive information from unauthorized access effectively, while still maintaining your existing system infrastructure. Finally, the broader impact of implementing any MFA solutions extends beyond compliance. Multifactor reinforces the culture of security within your organization, safeguarding not your valued service members, but also your data. 

Partnering with HID to serve those who serve 

At Accutive Security, we’re experts at facilitating the integration of these solutions into your existing infrastructure, ensuring that your law enforcement organization can navigate the complexities of digital security with confidence. For organizations in the law enforcement and public safety sectors, implementing HID Global’s MFA solutions and working alongside Accutive Security is a step toward achieving not just compliance with CJIS standards, but also establishing a robust defense against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. 

This partnership exemplifies a commitment to leveraging technology to protect and serve communities more securely. Contact Accutive Security today to unlock the full potential of your HID and enhance your cybersecurity posture! 

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