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In an era where personal data is considered a new form of currency, data protection has never been more crucial. In Canada, Quebec’s newly introduced Law 25 serves as a cornerstone in the

province’s effort to update its privacy legislation. This law imposes stringent requirements on businesses, specifically concerning the handling of personal information. In this article, we will delve into what Law 25 entails and explore how data discovery and masking platforms like Accutive Security’s ADM can facilitate compliance.

An Overview of Quebec’s Law 25

Quebec’s Law 25, formally known as Bill 64, represents a comprehensive overhaul of the province’s privacy regime. Adopted on September 22, 2021, this legislation has been part of a significant shift toward modernizing Canada’s broader privacy landscape. The law introduces new obligations, including Data Protection Officer (DPO) appointments, privacy impact assessments (PIAs), and stringent data breach notification protocols.

Key Privacy Requirements

  1. Breach Notification: Organizations are required to report data breaches promptly to Le Commission d’Accès à l’Information du Quebec and any affected individuals, especially when sensitive personal data is involved.
  2. DPO Appointment: Organizations must designate a privacy officer responsible for overseeing compliance. This officer can be as high-ranking as the CEO.
  3. Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA): Businesses are required to conduct PIAs under specific circumstances, such as when a new information system is introduced.
  4. Enhanced Consent: Data consent should be free, informed, and requested separately for each purpose, with stricter rules for minors and sensitive personal information.

The Three-Year Entry into Effect

Law 25 introduces these new provisions over a course of three years, starting from September 2022. After this transition period, failure to comply could result in substantial fines, ranging up to $25,000,000, or 4% of worldwide turnover.

The Role of Data Discovery and Masking Platforms

Given these stringent privacy measures, it’s imperative that businesses evolve their data protection strategies. This is where Accutive Security’s ADM (Automate Your Data Masking) platform comes into play.

Accutive Security’s ADM platform offers a comprehensive suite of features that directly support compliance with Law 25. The robust data masking capabilities ensure that sensitive information remains protected yet usable for testing and analytics, which aligns with the law’s requirements for enhanced consent and breach notification. The data discovery module scans and identifies sensitive data across various databases, facilitating comprehensive Privacy Impact Assessments as mandated by Law 25.

Additionally, the subsetting feature allows businesses to select specific data sets from large production databases for focused testing or analytics. This capability is particularly useful for organizations required to conduct PIAs when introducing new data systems, as it lets them use only the essential, masked data. Moreover, the platform includes automation capabilities, streamlining compliance processes like data discovery and masking and making them more efficient. This is critical for adhering to the stringent timelines imposed by Law 25 for breach notifications and other data-related activities.


Quebec’s Law 25 has set a new standard for stronger data privacy, posing a range of new challenges for businesses. Fortunately, Accutive Security’s ADM offers an array of features that align well with these new requirements, providing an essential toolkit for businesses navigating the complex landscape of modern data privacy laws. By incorporating data masking and discovery into their data governance strategy, companies can take significant strides toward achieving compliance, reducing risks, and securing sensitive data.

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