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In a world increasingly dependent on digital transactions and communication, proper machine identity and certificate management has become a cornerstone of enterprise security. While certificates play a crucial role in securing networks, their management often falls victim to manual processes, lack of oversight, and restricted resources. Accutive Security aims to tackle these challenges head-on through its strategic integration with ServiceNow, a leader in IT Service Management (ITSM).

The Complexity of the Certificate Landscape

Certificate management is far from straightforward. Multiple teams from DevOps to security are engaged in the lifecycle of these certificates, each with their own understanding and expectations.

  1. Limited Resources: Even as the volume of keys and certificates rapidly grows, the responsibility often falls on the shoulders of a few PKI administrators. The traditional process of filling out lengthy certificate requests and awaiting approvals is not just cumbersome but fraught with risk.
  2. Lack of Visibility: The sheer volume of certificates often leads to operational blindness. Tracking down expired certificates or understanding the lineage of each certificate becomes a large, tedious task that consumes valuable IT hours.
  3. Inadequate Oversight: In the quest for operational speed, many departments end up implementing ad hoc Certificate Authorities (CAs), leading to a disarray of certificates that no one can properly track. This creates severe security risks and complicates governance.

Accutive Security’s Integrated Solution

Our integration with ServiceNow is designed to remove these pain points by automating and streamlining the entire certificate management process. Here’s how we are changing the game:

  • Automated Incident Reporting: Our system actively monitors certificate lifecycles, sending out automated alerts ahead of expiration dates. This feature allows teams to act proactively, reducing the risk of unplanned outages.
  • Standardized Processes: Forget the days of juggling multiple request forms and approval chains. With Accutive Security, you can rely on a unified, standard process for all your certificate needs.
  • Full-Scope Visibility: Our dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of your certificate landscape, giving you unparalleled insights into usage, validity, and compliance status.

The Power of Synergy: Accutive Security and ServiceNow

By leveraging ServiceNow’s robust ITSM capabilities, our solution goes beyond mere automation. We also enable:

  • Policy-based Approvals: Streamline your approval workflows by setting policies that automatically grant or reject certificate requests based on predefined criteria.
  • Resource Allocation: Our integration enables smart resource allocation, allowing PKI admins to focus on value-added tasks instead of getting buried under mundane approval processes.
  • Audit Readiness: With every certificate action logged and available for review, your organization is always audit-ready.


Certificate management doesn’t have to be a nightmare of manual processes and chaos. Accutive Security’s ServiceNow integration offers a holistic solution that brings efficiency, security, and governance to your certificate management efforts. Talk to us today to understand how we can transform your certificate management operations.

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