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[San Juan Capistrano, CA] [Thursday May 16, 2024] – Accutive Security, a leading provider of PKI solutions, has taken another step in our commitment to advancing cryptographic research and innovation by joining the PKI Consortium, a leading organization for the collaborative development of best practices and standards for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This move comes at a pivotal time when there is growing demand for secure and compliant PKI solutions to securely advance digital trust in the face of a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape..

The PKI Consortium membership is made up of leading organizations in the PKI space, including certificate authorities (CAs), regulatory bodies, research institutions, consumers, vendors, and solution providers. Accutive Security joins a number of key partners, including Thales, HID, Entrust, and Keyfactor as members of the PKI Consortium. “As a cryptography center of excellence, joining the PKI Consortium is another milestone in our ongoing commitment to working with our partners to advance PKI standards and best practices for the benefit of our mutual clients,” said Adel Haj, Managing Partner of Accutive Security.

The PKI Consortium and its members have made significant contributions to PKI thought leadership. Notably, the PKI Consortium develops and maintains the PKI Maturity Model (PKIMM), which is considered the foremost model for assessing, benchmarking, and planning PKI implementations. By joining the PKI Consortium, Accutive Security aims to work with our partners and other leaders in the PKI space to advance digital trust and secure communication.

Why we joined the PKI Consortium:

As a leading provider of PKI services, Accutive Security is focused on contributing to innovation and best practices in the public key infrastructure space. We strive to stay on the leading edge of emerging trends in cryptography, such as post-quantum cryptography (PQC). As a PKI Consortium member, Accutive Security will:

  • Collaborate with other PKI leaders on the development PKI best practices, standards, and tools
  • Work with our partners to enhance PKI solutions and ensure alignment with best practices
  • Contribute to research and development of solutions to address the imminent need for post-quantum cryptography (PQC)
  • Leverage the PKI Consortium’s knowledge base and developments to further strengthen our PKI solutions and services for our clients

About Accutive Security

Founded in 2009, Accutive Security is a Data Protection, Cryptography and Identity and Access Management (IAM) Center of Excellence based in Southern California with cybersecurity experts located across the United States and Canada. Accutive Security has successfully completed hundreds of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementations for some of North America’s largest and most impactful organizations.

We partner with leading PKI vendors such as Thales, Keyfactor, HID, Entrust and Venafi to design, develop and implement robust cryptographic frameworks for our mutual clients. Additionally, we have our own data security platform, Accutive Data Discovery + Masking (ADM), which is a cutting-edge solution for data masking, discovery, subsetting, automation and tokenization.

Learn more about our PKI services at:

Click here to learn more about the PKI consortium.


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