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Protect your customer and subscriber privacy

Accutive Security for Telecommunication

Data management for innovation and the digital transformation of telcos

  • Become compliant and protect client PII, PCI, and other confidential telecommunication data regulations like SOX
  • Accelerate your development of application such as OTT media on 5G
  • Safely sharing data within various ecosystems internal and external to your Telco organization
  • Safely run analytics and big data calculations using data for various telecom experiences
  • Respond faster to consumer preferences and telecommunications trends with quick application development scenarios
  • Update the insurance software faster and more often
  • Easy delivery of data for reporting and risk analysis
  • Personalize the subscriber experience
  • Leverage cloud to rapidly introduce telecom innovation
  • Protect your customer and subscriber privacy
Accutive Security for Telecommunication

Things to Focus On

Compliance & Risk

Compliance and Risk

Keeping sensitive data safe and compliant with telecommunications and privacy regulations slows down digital transformation
Data Accessibility

Data Accessibility

Lacking data access for developers, partners, and customers impedes expansion of public sector ecosystems
Data Sprawl

Data Sprawl

Difficulty managing data sprawled across various telco systems can slow down innovation

Automate Your Data Security Solution

Empower development and testing teams with Accutive Security’s automated data subsetting



Multiple masking configurations designated to run manually or on an automated schedule



Open API accommodates custom data flow processes and applications



Embedded scripting empowers customized configurations with complex conditional logic



Masked data deployment integration with CI/CD pipelines for seamless execution



Singular portal enables monitoring and managing of all subsetting and masking processes



Insight into masking activity and results as well as active connections, progress and performance statistics

Database Integrations

Supports the information management tools you’re already using.

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