Peru: Personal Data Protection Law

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Data privacy regulations in Peru are governed by the Personal Data Protection Law (Law No. 29733), which was enacted in 2011 to protect the fundamental right to privacy of personal data.

The law applies to any individual or organization that processes personal data in Peru, regardless of whether they are based in the country or not. Personal data refers to any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, such as their name, identification number, email address, physical address, and any other information that can be used to identify them.

The Personal Data Protection Law establishes a set of rules that organizations must follow when processing personal data, such as obtaining the data subject’s consent before collecting their data, only collecting data that is necessary for the specific purpose, and maintaining the accuracy of the data.

Organizations that process personal data in Peru are required to register with the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (ANPD). The ANPD is responsible for overseeing compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law and enforcing sanctions for non-compliance.

The Personal Data Protection Law also establishes several rights for data subjects, including the right to access their personal data, request the correction or deletion of their data, and object to the processing of their data.

In addition to the Personal Data Protection Law, there are other data privacy regulations in Peru that organizations must comply with, such as the Consumer Protection Code, which regulates the processing of personal data for commercial purposes, and the Criminal Code, which includes penalties for the unauthorized disclosure of personal data.

Failure to comply with data privacy regulations in Peru can result in significant fines and damage to an organization’s reputation. Therefore, it is important for organizations to establish and maintain effective data privacy practices to ensure compliance with the law.

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