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Israel: Protection of Privacy Law

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Israel’s main data privacy law is the Protection of Privacy Law, which was enacted in 1981 and revised in 2017. This law governs the collection, use, disclosure, and retention of personal information in Israel.

The Protection of Privacy Law applies to any entity that collects or uses personal information in Israel, including Israeli and foreign companies. It requires these entities to obtain individuals’ consent before collecting their personal information and to provide them with information about the purpose of the collection and the rights they have in relation to their data.

The law also establishes a data protection authority, the Israeli Privacy Protection Authority, which is responsible for enforcing the law, investigating complaints, and imposing fines for non-compliance.

In addition to the Protection of Privacy Law, Israel has several other data protection regulations that apply to specific industries, such as the Medical Information Confidentiality Law, which governs the collection and use of medical information, and the Credit Data Law, which regulates the collection and use of credit-related information.

Israel is also a member of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Adequacy Framework, which means that Israeli companies can transfer personal information to European Union countries without additional authorization.

Overall, data privacy regulations in Israel are aimed at protecting individuals’ rights to privacy and ensuring that personal information is collected, used, and disclosed in a transparent and responsible manner. Companies that operate in Israel must comply with these regulations or risk facing fines and other penalties.

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