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Delphix vs DATPROF: Comparative Review

Compare data masking and Test data management solutions From Delphix and DATPROF
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Overview: What does each solution offer?

Both DATPROF and Delphix create solutions for testers and developers with the goal of providing secure test data, but their methodologies differ.

DATPROF emphasizes simplified test data. This makes the process of using their platform easier since users only need to do two things: create subsets and mask test data.


Delphix emphasizes speed. Their solution provides an API-first data platform that integrates data delivery and compliance. This enables QA teams to run tests faster than before.

Ease of Use



User-friendly interface with visual approach


Emphasis on simplicity for more ease of use


May not support as many data sources as Delphix



Automation features for provisioning and refreshing test data


User-friendly self-service options


Complex features that can be overwhelming and time-consuming to learn.

DATPROF Integrations

  • Integrates with a wide range of data sources, including databases, applications, and files
  • Emphasis on data masking and data discovery

Delphix Integrations

  • Integrates with a wide range of data sources, including databases, applications, and files
  • Emphasis on database virtualization and management


  • Delphix generally offers a more expensive solution.
  • Datprof is priced more competitively, so it is more economical.
  • However, Delphix and DATPROF both offer flexible pricing options that can scale to your data environment.

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Page Summary

Explore our comprehensive guide comparing Delphix and DATPROF for test data management solutions. We provide an in-depth analysis of key aspects such as masking capabilities, pricing structures, and feature sets for both platforms.
By diving into this guide, you’ll gain valuable insights to help you make an informed decision on selecting the ideal test data management solution that aligns with your specific data management needs. Whether you prioritize advanced masking techniques, pricing flexibility, or feature-rich functionality, our guide will assist you in choosing the solution that best suits your requirements.

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