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Delphix vs Datprof

Are you looking for a data masking solution that can do discovery as well as test data management? Both Delphix and Datprof provide platforms that can help, but choosing between the two can be difficult. Here’s a comprehensive review of how Delphix and Datprof compare:

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Both Datprof and Delphix create solutions for testers and developers with the goal of providing secure test data; however, their methodologies differ. Datprof focuses entirely on simplified test data. This makes the process of using their platform easier since users only need to do two things: create subsets and mask test data.
Delphix’s test data management solution emphasizes speed. Delphix provides an API-first data platform that integrates data delivery and compliance. This enables QA teams to run tests faster than before. By evaluating the needs of your organization, you can determine which solution is optimal for your needs.


Since Datprof’s platform highlights simplicity, it’s easy to use. The interface is designed to be user friendly, employing a visual approach to help users see and understand how data is being masked and/or generated. However, while the simplicity of Datprof’s platform is beneficial, Datprof may not support as many types of data sources as other platforms, so it’s important to check with Datprof to ensure that your needs are supported.
Delphix’s platform is also user-friendly. It includes automation features for provisioning and refreshing test data, and it even has self-service options. Unlike Datprof, Delphix’s platform offers more features, but this can be complex, overwhelming, and even time-consuming for users to learn.


Both solutions can integrate with a wide range of data sources, including databases, applications, and files. However, Delphix’s solution is primarily focused on database virtualization and management, while Datprof is more focused on data masking and data discovery.


Delphix’s solution is generally priced at a premium level, making it a more expensive option. Datprof’s solution, on the other hand, is priced more competitively, with flexible pricing options that can scale with your data environment.
Overall, both Delphix and Datprof offer strong test data management solutions, but there are some key differences between them. If you’re looking for a solution that offers advanced data discovery, flexible data masking options, and superior performance, Datprof may be the right choice for you. However, if you’re primarily focused on database virtualization and management, Delphix may be the better option.

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