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Data Masking and Security

Confidently use data knowing it’s secure with ADM’s advanced protection platform
Data masking

Accutive Security’s ADM: Data Masking and Artificial Data Creation

ADM replaces your sensitive data with realistic artificial values that enable testing and development teams while keeping critical data secure

Data Masking Advantages

Data Protection


Sensitive data remains masked and safe with realistic information that enables development, testing, and training



Secured information maintains compliance with privacy regulations, including GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA

Data Accuracy


Realistic masking data empowers rapid and accurate testing, training, analytics, and sharing with partners and third-party developers

Mask Link Advantage

Mask Link Advantage

Consistent masking across all tables, systems, databases, and applications—even in the cloud. Mask link technology identifies common fields and applies consistent masking algorithms to replace data coming from different sources and going to different destinations with realistic, uniform, and artificial test data.

Data Generation

Data generators create new, artificial data to cover and replace sensitive information. The artificial data mirrors existing values and ensures security and utility.

Rules-Based Masking

Embedded, customizable rules empower masking templates to fit your data model and apply multiple rules across different rows in the same table.

Data Preservation

Embedded generators preserve original data while masking it with realistic, representative values, ensuring security, compliance, and utility.

Rules Based Masking
Reliable Performance

Reliable Performance

Advanced bypass system enables masking with the creation of replacement values in your database. At the same time, parallel processing rapidly manages terabytes of data.

Flexible and Customized

Identifies custom expressions, specifies languages, and adapts pre- and postscripts for custom masking templates. Informs artificial data creation with correlated seed files.

Database Integrations

Supports the information management tools you’re already using.

Automate Your Data Masking

Empower development and testing teams with Accutive Security’s ADM automated data masking



Multiple masking configurations designated to run manually or on an automated schedule



Open API accommodates custom data flow processes and applications



Embedded scripting empowers customized configurations with complex conditional logic



Integrate masked data deployment into your CI/CD pipeline for seamless execution



A single portal enables monitoring and managing all masking processes.



Insight into masking activity and results as well as active connections, progress and performance statistics

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