Data Masking and Data Discovery for Guidewire

Accutive Security’s Data Discovery and Masking (ADM) solution can help protect your Guidewire applications.

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You may not know you’re at risk-our data
masking platform can help.

Data breaches can cause financial losses, reputational damages, and legal repercussions. With Accutive Security’s Data Discovery and Data Masking solution, you can minimize the risk of a breach by identifying sensitive data and replacing it with fictitious or obfuscated data.

Customizable, tailored solutions for Guidewire that are designed to meet any unique challenges.

Data Discovery

Data Discovery and Masking that helps you comply with North American and international standards.

Data Analysis

Security to safely run analytics and big calculations using data for various customer experiences

Securely Optimize Your Data

Our platform is fully customizable to meet your unique needs and to overcome challenges. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they have the optimal data security strategy.

Prevent exposure of sensitive Guidewire data like financial records, customer data, etc.

Access Control

Implement access controls and monitor activity to protect against insider threats

Data Exchange

Ensure secure data exchange and integration points between Guidewire and various systems

Data Breaches

Implement strategies against hacking attempts, data breaches, and ransomware attacks.

Data Privacy

Comply with Data Privacy Requirements like GDPR, CCPA, and more

Data Retention

Manage data retention and disposal to minimize security risks


Unlock the full potential of your Guidewire application

We understand your need for fast claims processing and enhanced policyholder experiences. Our platform empowers Guidewire teams by rapidly delivering compliant and data-ready environments eliminating delays and maximizing productivity so you can focus on delivering the best.

Mask Link Advantage

Consistent masking across all tables, systems, databases, and applications—even in the cloud. Mask link technology unifies your Guidewire application with other systems by identifying common fields and applying consistent masking algorithms to replace data coming from different sources and going to different destinations with realistic, uniform, and artificial test data.

Rules-Based Masking

Embedded, customizable rules empower masking templates to fit your Guidewire data model and apply multiple rules across different rows in the same table.

Data Preservation

Embedded generators preserve original data while masking it with realistic, representative values, ensuring security, compliance, and utility.

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Put your trust in our expertise in Guidewire data security. We cover all aspects, from data masking and discovery to tokenization, compliance, and protection. With our comprehensive solutions, you can elevate your data security to the highest standards, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable information.

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