Solution Brief

Accelerate Your Certificate Management with Accutive Security’s ServiceNow Integration


Managing the lifecycle of digital certificates is a complex endeavor that exposes organizations to risks of outages and non-compliance. Accutive Security is committed to helping organizations surmount these challenges through a transformative solution that integrates with ServiceNow’s ITSM platform.

Key Features

Seamless Workflow Automation:

Eliminate manual tasks from certificate request to renewal. Allow PKI admins to focuson crucial tasks that add value to your organization.

Real-Time Visibility and Tracking:

Get unparalleled insights into the status of each certificate. Avoid unplanned outages by knowing which certificates are nearing expiration.

In-built Security and Compliance Tools:

Navigate the complexities of compliance with robust security features designed to protect your certificate assets.

In-depth Use Cases

Automated Certificate Requests:

The traditional methods of requesting a certificate are often fraught with inefficiencies. Our ServiceNow integration allows you to complete this entire process within minutes, using automated workflows that ensure each certificate meets compliance standards.

Proactive Certificate Expiration Handling:

Instead of waiting for a system outage to reveal an expired certificate, our solution offers automated monitoring and alert systems. The PKI admin receives these alerts well ahead of time, which allows for seamless renewals without impacting system availability.


“Accutive Security’s ServiceNow integration transformed our approach to certificate mangement. It eliminated a host of manual processes, reducing overheads and increasing operational efficiency.”

- Sarah, CISO at TechCorp

About Us

At Accutive Security, we are a trusted leader in Auth + Cryptosolutions. Founded in California in 2009 by FinTech engineers and consultants, our expertise is focused on safeguarding essential data and software systems. Partnered with the world’s leading Auth + Crypto companies, we deliver a comprehensive range of services and products to our mutual customers, including data discovery, data masking, key management, PKI management, certificate lifecycle management, hardware security module management, and more.
Our cutting-edge solutions are trusted by globally recognized organizations to protect their most sensitive data, regardless of its location. From cloud infrastructures to data centers, we ensure information remains secure and accessible. With our commitment to security, we empower organizations to confidently navigate their digital transformation and realize their full potential in a digitally connected future. Visit our website to learn more about our security solutions and services at

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