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Tokenization and Obfuscation and Masking

Secure your sensitive data with advanced tokenization, obfuscation, and masking services.


More secure than basic encryption, tokenization replaces sensitive data with realistic, but artificial values that can be mapped back through a tokenization system, keeping your data secure and usable.

Our subject matter experts are experienced with a wide range of cryptographic solutions, including solutions around:

Obfuscation and Masking

Grow your cybersecurity knowledge base with experts offering consulting and expertise around the Accutive Data Discovery and Masking platform (ADM) and other data obfuscation platforms.
Data obfuscation offers a protection solution that can be even more secure than encryption. By replacing sensitive data with realistic, artificial values, data masking enables your development and testing teams while keeping critical data safe and secure.
Our experts provide implementation, training, support, and consultations around integration and data security to help you develop new masking environments and to accelerate onboarding.

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