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Industry Solutions

Take advantage of tailored ADM solutions that meet the needs of your industry
Industry Solutions

Accutive Security’s ADM Empowers Innovation and Insights for

Financial Services

Financial Services

ADM Data Security Suite ensures fast and accurate development, testing, and deployment, helping to keep financial services companies ahead of the competition without risk.

Healthcare Image


ADM Data Security enables application development and testing while also ensuring patient privacy compliance and deploying critical digital services to provide accurate and secure innovation.

Retail Image


ADM protects retailers’ reputations and customers with data masking techniques that defend data while also remaining compliant and cost effective.

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ADM secures customer portals, protects transactions, and facilitates the efficiency of cloud data storage all while protecting against data threats and remaining compliant with regulatory laws.

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With digitization, cloud migration data protection, testing, and compliance, ADM helps telcos remain competitive and innovative with fast and secure technology that protects assets and customers.

Public Sector

Public Sector

Helping government organizations stay up to date with the latest technology, ADM facilitates digitization and cloud migration while protecting data and maintaining compliance.

Data Sources & Destinations

Data Sources and Destinations

Secure your data. Be Compliant. Avoid the Headlines.

Use Cases

Agile DevOps CICD Icon

Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD

Test Data Icon

Test Data Management

Hybrid Cloud Icon

Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud

Security Compliance Icon

Security and Compliance

Automate Your Data Security Solution

Empower development and testing teams with Accutive Security’s automated data subsetting


Multiple masking configurations designated to run manually or on an automated schedule



Open API accommodates custom data flow processes and applications



Embedded scripting empowers customized configurations with complex conditional logic



Masked data deployment integration with CI/CD pipelines for seamless execution



Singular portal enables monitoring and managing of all subsetting and masking processes



Insight into masking activity and results as well as active connections, progress and performance statistics

Database Integrations

Supports the information management tools you’re already using.

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