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Gemalto SafeNet Solution

Keeping your critical systems up-to-date is challenging in the face of staff turnover or an overall lack of resources, frequent software and hardware security module (HSM) updates and a continually evolving threat landscape. To stay secure and compliant, it is vital to ensure the ongoing health and wellbeing of your foundational security solutions. Accutive, a Gemalto Certified services partner and a Gemalto Authorized Training Center (ATC), provides the following services to protect your investment in the Gemalto SafeNet Solutions:

Health Check

Monitor & Report

On-Going Maintenance


Health Check

We are very aware that keeping your Gemalto SafeNet solutions up-to-date and running optimally is challenging; however, when these solutions are critical to your security and compliance initiatives and programs, failure is NOT an option.

The Accutive Gemalto SafeNet Health Check is an onsite engagement, typically 2 – 3 days, designed to evaluate and document the installation and configuration of your Gemalto SafeNet solutions.


  • Review and validate installation and configuration
  • Standardize against Gemalto Best Practices
  • Document Gemalto environment in a Runbook for use by your information security team
  • Provide Knowledge Transfer to your information security team

Monitor and Reporting

Accutive trained security consultants will monitor your Gemalto SafeNet solutions to ensure optimal performance and provide insight to your information security team on the performance, potential issues and remedial activities for your dedicated Gemalto security solutions.

Accutive recommends performing the Health Check prior to engaging us for the ongoing review and reporting service.


  • Status report on your Gemalto security solutions
    • Includes reviewing log files for anomalous entries or unresolved, persistent issues
  • Recommended remedial actions

Ongoing Maintenance

Accutive security consultants will review your Gemalto SafeNet solutions for optimal performance and will proactively update the solutions to ensure your investment is protected. This service can be done on an ad hoc or scheduled basis. Furthermore, by keeping your Gemalto SafeNet solutions up-to-date, your organization will be able to take advantage of new features and capabilities; and reduce the risk of security related incidents. This service includes working with your internal teams to facilitate the integration of new applications, environments, etc., with your Gemalto SafeNet solutions.


  • Includes the Monitor & Report deliverables
  • Support internal business and technical units with
    • Access management
    • Application integration
    • Apply updates/upgrades
        • Operating system
        • Software
        • Firmware
        • Gemalto connector software (KeySecure)
          • ProtectApp, ProtectDB, ProtectFile
      • Gemalto Client Connector Software (HSM)
    • Knowledge transfer to your information security and development teams


As a Gemalto ATC, Accutive can provide detailed training to enable your staff to successfully support your Gemalto SafeNet solutions. Training can be performed onsite or at Accutive’s training location in Southern California. The training will prepare your staff to sit for the relevant Gemalto solution certification exam.


  • Gemalto HSM and KeySecure training
  • Gemalto Certification exam preparation

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