Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of physical things embedded with sensors, software, electronics and connectivity to allow it to perform better by exchanging information with other connected devices. The IoT is growing so rapidly that by 2020 it is estimated that the number of active wireless-connected devices will exceed 40 billion.

Today wireless devices and smart technologies are increasingly being brought into the workplace and this poses a growing risk to company data. And, as the number of devices grows, there is a higher level of risk and vulnerability to organizations around the world.

Accutive realizes the critical need for organizations of all sizes to perform risk assessments of their network-connected devices and incorporate this practice into the organization’s data protection strategy. Our experienced team of security experts can assess where devices are being used and now to reduce the risk of a system breach. Our team can also access systems and look at the most cost-effective options in reducing legacy systems.

As privacy and data-sharing become more challenging, Accutive can help your company prepare for the rapid growth of IoT and securing devices and protecting critical business data.

Millions of devices connected