Advanced Persistent Threat

Accutive helps you prevent malicious code attacks on your network in a variety of ways.  We have partnered with security industry leaders whose products specialize in early prevention and detection of malware,  as well as rapid incident response.  Advanced attacks are usually ones that target specific vulnerabilities and penetrate your systems while you are unaware. Accutive has a proven track record of helping organizations stay protected and prevent or detect these attacks before it’s too late.

Cylance Solutions

Cylance offers Artificial Intelligence based solutions that predict and prevent execution of advanced threats and malware at the endpoint.  CylancePROTECT- Artificial Intelligence Endpoint Security.  CylanceOPTICS- Prevent, Detect, Respond. Endpoint detection and response solution.

Okta Solutions

Okta is an expert in Access Management. Okta Identity Cloud is a complete integrated service for every type of user. It is a pure multi-tenant solution, an independent and neutral platform, 100% built in the cloud.

Prevent and Detect